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Our innovative Dealers CPI products help auto dealers cover investments and simplify the sales process. Courtesy removes the guesswork and provides the right coverage – with no additional cost to you.

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Auto Dealers Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

This unique Dealers Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) program was designed and developed for the buy-here-pay-here industry. With our innovative CPI program, we make sure you've got the correct coverage even when your customers don't.

Customized Collateral Protection Insurance

  • Eliminate monthly insurance company cancellation notices
  • Establish you, the Lienholder, as the insured – paid for by the borrower
  • Ability to bind coverage at the point-of-sale or anytime during the loan
  • Provide property insurance coverage to be paid by the borrower with auto payment
  • Write the policy at anytime. No need to call an agent or pay extra fees.

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The number of drivers without insurance exceeds 20%, increasing the cost of doing business in the auto industry. Based on industry reporting, 55% of your borrowers will let required insurance lapse within 60 days of purchase. Without Dealers CPI, you – the Dealer/Lienholder – pay the cost for borrowers with lapsed insurance. With Dealers CPI, we help you solve insurance loss issues while transferring the cost of this protection to customers.

Solve insurance loss issues while transferring cost to customers

Save money. Rest insured.

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  • Protect the Lienholder's Collateral at no cost to the Lienholder
  • Reduce time and cost associated to insurance tracking
  • Improve customer relations by eliminating calls from collections

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